Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: Rhythm Heaven Fever

It’s back to more crazy situations as the 3rd game in the Rhythm Heaven series launches on the Wii. Coming after the DS’s Rhythm Heaven (Rhythm Tengoku Gold in Japan), this new entry brings with it a multitude of new stages with its simple inputs. Unlike its DS brethren, Rhythm Heaven Fever uses more functional controls than the stylus taps and the unwieldy swipes. This entry continues to offer the stages that range from easy to exceedingly difficult, but as with everything musical, playing this game well just takes practice.

Unlike the peripheral based rhythm games like Guitar Hero that uses many different button inputs to play a song, Rhythm Heaven Fever only uses 2 inputs: the A button and the A and B buttons together. This may make the game sound like a walk in the park, but the game is certainly not. Because of the simple inputs, the game can just about throw any situation at you and all you have do is hit the A button or the A and B buttons to the rhythm to complete tasks such as testing a seesaw, tap dancing or even giving an after-match interview as a wrestler just to name a few.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's Up

Welcome, everybody! So, I’ve just launched my blog Gaming Experiences, and I’m very excited to post about all of my game playing here. For those of you who know me personally, I have a very good idea of which games are worth playing although I do tend to dabble in everything. Of course, everybody has their own tastes and niches, and I certainly recognize the differences in opinions just like how I love the movie Up and my brother doesn’t (but he’s just crazy, everybody loves Up). 

Some things I’ve got on the pipeline include a review of Rhythm Heaven Fever for the Wii. That game is really tough even though I grew up playing music (I haven’t been playing lately though). I’ve already got a review of the FFXIII-2 Lightning and Amodar DLC with battle strategies up, go and read it if you’re interested. DLC reviews aren’t very common, so I think it’s a good idea to continue writing them with the FFXIII-2 Sazh DLC coming on 2/28 on the PSN. I also have the Final Fantasy XIII-2 review coming, but it won’t be finished until I’ve gotten the platinum trophy (by achieving all other trophies, a PSN thing), which is a bit different than other reviews out there since so much fun of the game is in its post-story play. For a game that everybody soured up on because of the ending, there’s really a ton of content here without the DLC. 

It’s never a good idea to show all my cards, but since I’ve just began, why not? Don’t expect all posts to be on new game content all the time, it is a personal blog after all and I do love my retro games—or just games from my recent backlog, and I know many of you know how big that can get especially with all the great games of 2011.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lightning/Amodar FFXIII-2 Coliseum DLC Review + Battle Strategies

Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Lightning and Amodar coliseum DLC had its fair share of complaints upon release whether it is about not being able to play as Lightning in the main game in the first place or the idea of being able to play as Lightning would disrupt the drama of the game’s story involving the search for Lightning herself. Starting the DLC battle, the game doesn’t hesitate to show players a short cut scene that explains the characters appearing in the coliseum are not actually who they are and instead just copies to show that this isn’t a paradox (to use words from the game) that would upset the story. Now, is the DLC worth the $3 asking price? For the novelty of fighting against and alongside Lightning and for the extra firepower of having them as monster crystals, I’d say yes, but just to be clear, this is DLC that you’d have to work for.