Wednesday, March 21, 2012

FFXIII-2 retail-exclusive preorder DLC now available on PSN and Xbox Live

Click image to see the variations of the  DLC weapons.
Remember the retail-exclusive preorder DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2? All those add-ons plus more is now available on the PSN and Xbox live. I personally preordered from Best Buy to get the physical copy of the Episode i novella because I had a feeling Square Enix would do this sooner or later. There are 4 different iterations of each weapon which can all be bought at the Chocolina stores. The weapons themselves are relatively weak, but you’re really buying them for the passive abilities. Especially impressive is the Muramasa. In its final form, the True Muramasa, it has the added attribute of Chain Bonus 4, which can be very useful in the fight against Nabaat, a surprisingly tough DLC opponent. Check the home page later in the week when I post up my strategy for the Nabaat coliseum fight.

Serah’s weapons ($1 each): Genji Bow (GameStop preorder), Seraphic Wing (new), and Azrael (new, Xbox 360 exclusive) 

Noel’s weapons ($1 each): Catastrophe Blade (new) and Muramasa (new).

Serah’s outfit ($3): Summoner’s Garb (GameStop preorder)

Coliseum opponent ($3): Omega (Amazon preorder)

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